Glen Valley Cannabis Ltd. - BC Cannabis
Glen Valley Cannabis

Late stage Health Canada licensed producer applicant

Craft cannabis cultivation & Boutique extractions

Locally Owned and Operated near Fort Langley in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia
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Small Batch Cultivated Flower

Hand trimmed, small batch and BC growing traditions are what makes our cannabis flower truly craft quality. We have 16 grow rooms that allow for the growth and harvesting of cannabis 365 days of the year. Segregation of crops ensures genetic purity, allows the growth of multiple strains of flower concurrently, and provides GVC with the flexibility to provide a wide range of carefully chosen (some rare and new) genetics.

Co2 Pure Extraction

c02 is the best non-toxic extraction method for isolating strain specific terpenes and cannabinoid profile characteristics. this gives our extractions unique craftibility to produce High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts that produce a true entourage effect of cannabinoids and terps. We are making some of the finest extracts on earth that we know you will love.

Boutique Extractions

Our solventless and pure plant premium extracts are composed of the highest potency and purity of THC or THCA, with immaculate strain-specific terpene profile preservation. This ensures the richest flavours and aromas while maintaining effects similar to the flower strains from which they are created.

We are the original growers of the premium, quad AAAA weed you have always known and have always loved

We have been growing cannabis locally for decades with the care and quality that helped define the popularity of our world famous BC Bud.

Now we're legal - We are a Health Canada Licensed Producer (L.P.) and we are bringing the BC cannabis culture along with our tradition of quality and craft to the Canadian Cannabis Recreational and Medicinal markets for everyone to enjoy. - Legally.

This BC cannabis community belongs to all of us; from cannabis connoisseurs, cannabis culture activists, to prescribed medicinal cannabis patients. Whether it's cannabis flower, topicals or edibles used for well-being or easing pain, one thing will always remain - cannabis is not for corporations, cannabis belongs to the community.

We are Glen Valley Cannabis.

Proud to bring BC bud, premium craft flower, and boutique extracts - Back to the Community

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