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The province’s B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) oversees BC Liquor Stores and online sales, and is the sole wholesale distributor of adult-use cannabis. Its BC Cannabis Store website is up and running, and of course you can buy cannabis from any of the 254 (rapidly growing) private licensed cannabis retail store throughout the province – Find one near you with the BC cannabis licensing map 

This means the one and only place you can legally purchase cannabis online in BC; that is health Canada approved, quality tested, and solvent and pesticide free is through the online BC Cannabis Store website.  Every other online cannabis store is black market and illegal – meaning the edibles you get is most likely cooked up in someones kitchen, with ingredients extracted with illegal methods such as butane or propane, and have no quality control to ensure no residual solvents or toxic chemicals are present in their products. 

But good changes are happening!….

UPDATE JUNE 10, 2020 – B.C. is preparing to change its Cannabis Control and Licensing Act to allow legal private cannabis retailers to conduct e-commerce sales, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth told Business in Vancouver in an exclusive interview.

Why this matters: The change would put legal cannabis retailers on a level playing field with the provincial government’s BC Cannabis Stores website as well as black-market operators that illegally sell cannabis online.

The B.C. government on March 20 started to allow legal private retailers to accept online orders as long as the buyer picked up the merchandise, and paid for the purchase at the licensed bricks-and-mortar store.

Cannabis products from licensed producers are heavily regulated to ensure they are fit for human consumption including mandatory testing for the presence of solvent residues and contaminants such as pesticides, mould, bacteria, and heavy metals. They’re also tested to confirm THC and CBD amounts.

Whether you’re making your own cannabis edibles or buying ready-made cannabis products, get your cannabis from a legal source such as a licensed store, BC Cannabis Stores, the online BC Cannabis Stores website, or through the federal medical cannabis system

To find a licensed private cannabis retail store near you, visit the cannabis licensing map 

Legal cannabis sales in B.C. hit a monthly record of more than $23.5 million in March – more than eight times as much money spent as in March 2019, according to Statistics Canada.

Sales had also been trending up, given that February’s more than $21 million in cannabis sales in B.C. was also a monthly record.

The spending surge can be attributed to more legal stores open, fewer black market stores in operation, improved product quality and better established supply chains for newly legal products such as edibles and drinks.

For information about personal possession limits, places of use, personal cultivation, drug-impaired driving and more, visit the Get Cannabis Clarity webpage